the end of the Owl Barn

We officially ended our 5 month stay at the Owl Barn ( on Friday with the final performance which was well received by our diverse audience. We transformed the studio. We made our mark. We gave our piece. Thank you to all who came. Thank you to Vanessa and Nick, and our fellow artists in residence. With love and mud we leave.P1040659 P1040702 P1040676 P1040695



The Mud Women Perform July 26th

The Mud Women Perform July 26th

BodaSoma is a cross-disciplinary duo, creating performance and installation informed by practices in drawing, theatre, dance and somatic movement. Since March they have been working with soil and water, with a deep interest in their relationship to the earth and environmental and political unrest. In this surreal and sensual performance they paint each other dancing at once, and as one. Body forms emerge resembling four legged creatures, animals with agression, love and tenderness transform. Between these women and the earth intimate emotions materialize revealing something of our nature.

The Performance 7pm at The Owl Barn
(Contains nudity) Everyone welcome

The Tallet, Calmsden, Cirencester,
Gloucestershire, GL7 5ET

Skin 4. Buildings. Home. Den. School. Village Hall.


At the Village Hall, years 3 and 4 make mini dens for mini creatures with a unique

story to tell.

Re-cycled. Re-used. Re-made. Re-invented.

Dry Grass. Soft Moss. Rough Sticks.

Model made of clay. What is it’s name?

What does it eat?

How does it live?


Who are it’s friends? Family?

Does your creature live alone or with people?


What does it like to do in it’s home? What environment is the home in?

Every child tells a story and questions are asked for precious details.


What inventive, curious and magical creations!

The 5 Skins Spiral. Inspired by Hundertwasser.

P1040049 - CopyThe 5 Skins: Body. Clothes. People. Buildings. Environment.

Everyone gets to contribute to the big spiral that adorns the school playground.

Lots of different families, friends, trees, homes, schools, churches, clothes, all in one spiral universe.

We look at the gallery and say what we like about the different pictures. Colour. Shape. Image. Pattern.

The weather is very warm and we stop for a water drink to replenish our 1st Skin.

Wildheart Gathering May 25-27th

P1030977Wild hearts, run free. Never be hung up, hung up like my man and me…”

So much new exploring. So much stimulating interaction. So much creativity.

“This is our lives!”

We live in the moment, listening to one another, feeling the air on or skin, watching the people moving around, speaking to strangers, making strangers friends. The fire stays till dawn accompanied by singing from the crowd. Community is where the heart of life is, and in the heart is where movement lives.

We take a risk with our workshop and experiment. Six people in a yurt playing with mud on a canvas. Guided by sensation, dancing and singing, moving as a group. We were well received. “Liberating!”

The last day was sunny and dozy, crowds hanging out in the sun drinking tea.


We dug up some more soil and rolled out the canvas for the kids to have some muddy fun painting!

Youngsters of all ages joined in, and what a masterpiece they created!

” I’ve got it on my feet!”